Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What kind of services are offered by the welfare department?
    The services include 24 hour nursing aid, drug treatments according to treatment plan, therapeutic gymnastics, consultation from doctors and the use of specialised tools and wheelchairs.
  2. What kind of services are offered by the nursing department?
    Nursing home offers living quarters and nursing services to patients who have total or partial functional inability to cope with everyday life and social situations. Also if patients have a total or partial inability to conduct hygiene procedures.
  3. What kind of services are offered to the people coming to Hiius nursing home?
    We offer a full range of treatment and nursing options in accordance with the possibilities of todays medicine. Our treatment options cover all the needs of our patients for high quality nursing and welfare procedures. Hiiu Ravikeskus offers to all of its patients and clients the two conjoined sides - high quality nursing as well as welfare services. In the cooperation of the two sides we can quarantee the best personnel and service.
  4. What kind of transport can be used to get to Hiiu Ravikeskus?
    Hiiu Ravikeskus (Laste street 1) can be reached by bus: bus nr. 18, bus nr 14 to Jannseni Station; bus nr. 33 to Põllu Station and by electric train to Hiiu Station.
  5. Do we need to bring the patients history when vacating a place in Hiiu?
    The patient history may be with the patient when coming to Hiiu, but the medical history can be sent by you general practitioner by e-mail, fax or regular post.
  6. Who will refer patients to nursing home?
    The patients will be referred to our facility by the patients general practitioner of by his/hers specialist. The bill from the referring doctor must include the patient's history, diagnostics and the scheme of drugs prescribed.


The services of welfare in Hiiu are mainly for people unable to cope with daily life and need assistance for everyday normal functioning.

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All our nursing services will provide relief and comfort to our patients. Nursing service also includes 24 hour supervision.

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