Being one of the North-Estonias most modern and recently renovated treatment centers, Hiiu Ravikeskus offers, to all of its patients and clients two conjoined sides - high quality nursing and welfare services. In our homely new building Your family member will be exposed to all needed treatment and nursing services, help from professional personel and the best doctors of their fields. The two conjoined services will quarrantee the best care and treatment to your family member.

Hiiu Ravikeskus, opened at the beginning of 2012 under the primeval pine trees of Nõmme town, houses a renovated 1920s polyclinic mansion that has a long and colourful history of treating people, where for almost a century people have come for care and shelter, from mothers with newborns and German soldiers during the war to orphans and children of the Soviet Estonia.

Opening a welfare center in Nõmme

Hiiu Ravikeskus was opened as a welfare and nursing center on 16th of January 2012 in the old building of Nõmme Childrens Hospital. Welfare center has all-together 150 beds with 85 for welfare and 65 for paid nursing.

To create the unique environment for Hiiu Ravikeskus, 2,58 milion euros were invested with 1,62 million coming as a structural support from the European Regional Fund. The renovation of the old hospital house started at the beginning of 2011 and took almost a year, first patients moved into new facility just before the opening on 16th of january 2012.

Our clients are the elderly and handicaped

Our clients are people who need help to manage their daily lives and need 24 hour care and treatment. The goal of Hiiu Ravikeskus is to create an environment where the elderly and handicaped can live peacefully and safely and where our staff can support, promote and maintaine the dignity and living standards of our patents.

At Hiiu Ravikeskus we offer you the most important - we offer you a peace of mind and confidence. So, please, come and get introduced to our facilities, so you and your family can see how we work and what we offer!

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The services of welfare in Hiiu are mainly for people unable to cope with daily life and need assistance for everyday normal functioning.

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All our nursing services will provide relief and comfort to our patients. Nursing service also includes 24 hour supervision.

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