Welfare services
We offer a full range of welfare and, if needed, nursing care options in accordance with the possibilities of todays medicine. Our welfare options cover all the needs of our patients for high quality nursing and welfare procedures. Hiiu Ravikeskus offers to all of its patients and clients the two conjoined sides - high quality nursing as well as welfare services. In the cooperation of the two sides we can quarantee the best personnel and service.

Mission: Our goal is to offer an environment where the elderly would feel safe to live. We offer quality treatments, welfare and nursing services based on the individual needs of the patients, to quarantee the best life quality to our clients.

Target group: Temporary or longterm 24 hour nursing service is meant primarily for the elderly, but also for the working-age multiproblem patients. We have a 24 hour medical service and personnel.

  1. 1. Welfare services without specialisation
    Patient does not need the tools of incontinence for welfare procedures. Price includes catering three times a day and 24 hour nursing aid. Patient can eat and use the toilet on his/her own.
  2. Welfare services with specialisation
    Patient needs the tools of incontinence for welfare procedures. Price includes catering three times a day, aid for hygenic procedures and 24 hour nursing aid. Service also includes three diapers per day.
  3. Welfare services with specialised tools
    Patient needs specialized tools for full welfare procedures.
  4. Physiotherapist

* Extra cost for private room
* All the drugs described in the nursing service contract

Documents and personal belongings needed on entry:

  1. ID-card
  2. Medical certificate that notes the chronical ilnesses, healthplan and prescribed drugs
  3. Disability determination decision, if exists
  4. Personal belongings (change of clothes and footwear, tools for personal hygien etc.)
All the information and questions that involve prices and vacancy at Hiiu Ravikeskus, may be addressed to us by Vacancy form and Feedback form from the Contact page. We will answer all your questions and send relevant information and pricing for Hiiu Ravikeskus as soon as possible.

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The services of welfare in Hiiu are mainly for people unable to cope with daily life and need assistance for everyday normal functioning.

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All our nursing services will provide relief and comfort to our patients. Nursing service also includes 24 hour supervision.

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